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Inspired by a plant so steeped in its heritage and healthful properties,

Cape Town Rooibos Red Gin is created by infusing our Classic Dry Gin with

organic, handpicked rooibos to extract the essence of this remarkable plant,

indigenous to the Western Cape. Guided by local insight and centuries-old

knowledge, we source our Rooibos from a leading Rooibos producer, ensuring

the respect of the time-honoured traditions of the Khoisan people who lived

so close to the earth.


Requiring just a twist of orange or a hint of ginger to bring out its

earthy, spiced flavour, Rooibos Red is a truly South African spirit and can

be enjoyed on its own as a sipping gin.

Cape Town Gin - Rooibos Red (Case)

SKU: 0007
R1 725,00Price
  • 6 x 750ml Cape Town Gin - Rooibos Red

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