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The seed cones of the Juniper, a coniferous tree, fuse together to form

“berry-like” structures, commonly known as Juniper berries. In the distillation

process, the dark blue berries impart the traditional pine note of gin and it is

today required by legal statute, that Juniper is present and perceptible, in order

for a spirit to be called gin.


Our journey begins with the distillation of a Classic Dry Gin, using

Juniper as the hero complemented by the classic botanicals of dried orange

peel, coriander, orris root, cassia bark, star anise and cardamom. Our

passion is to create gins of uncompromising quality, character and taste.

Cape Town Gin - Classic Dry (Case)

SKU: 0005
R1 725,00Price
  • 6 x 750ml Cape Town Gin - Classic Dry

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