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Our journey begins with the distillation of Classic Dry Gin before adding a unique botanical indigenous to the Western Cape, to create gins of uncompromising quality


Juniper is the only botanical which is in all gins. The cones of the juniper bush (often referred to as “juniper berries”) are required by legal statute, to be present and perceptible, in order for a spirit to be called gin. Juniper is in 100% of spirits that are designated as gins. The juniper berry is known for imparting the traditional pine note of gin, although it can also come across as herbaceous, or green and fresh. The juniper in gin is generally Juniperus communis; however, occasionally distillers use local species which can have a very different flavour in gin.


Tasting Notes: Cape Town Classic Dry Gin uses classical Juniper, dried orange peel, coriander, star anise, orris root, cardamom, and cassia bark, creating an extremely palatable gin with juniper and punchy citrus notes. Enjoy neat on its own or in a cocktail of your desire.


Cape Town The Pink Lady Gin is a delightful gin, infused with rose geranium (pelargonium), an indigenous multi-branched shrub. The Pink Lady Gin is named after a famous Cape Town landmark, The Mount Nelson Hotel, known as “The Pink Lady”, due to its salmon-coloured exterior walls. A heavenly hint of rose water is added to compliment the natural rose scent of the geranium plant.


The Pink Lady Gin recollects the fun-filled 20’s flapper and the languid sunsets over the Atlantic. The addition of a plump strawberry immediately rekindles a cape summer anywhere, anytime.


Tasting notes: a hint of rose water to compliment the natural fresh rose scent of the geranium plant with its fresh floral aromas and flavours of Turkish Delight sweets. It is perfect in a cocktail with fresh strawberries and tonic water


Inspired by the plant so steeped in heritage and healthful properties, the Cape Town Rooibos Red Gin is infused with organic, handpicked rooibos to extract the essence of

this plant, indigenous to the Cederberg region of the western cape.


It’s vibrantly red in colour with the distinctive taste of rooibos the Western Cape. It’s vibrantly red in colour with the distinctive taste of rooibos.


Tasting notes: the rooibos red, flavoured with the rooibos (the red bush) plant, indigenous to the rugged Cederberg region, has a beautiful rich earthy spiced flavour. Best paired with a twist of orange or a hint of ginger.  


The Cape Town Gin & Spirits Company launched the Cape Town Black Rhino Gin in support of the admirable work being done by the Boucher Legacy.


This robust gin is made in a classic style, infused with Renosterbos and buchu. Both these plants are indigenous to the Western Cape habitat where the black rhino used to roam, 270 years ago.


The gin has a brilliant olive-green colour, obtained from the botanicals and a slightly sweeter taste. Best enjoyed neat on ice or in a cocktail with Indian tonic water. Garnish with a wedge of fresh lime and peppercorns.


Tasting notes: An aromatic gin with hints of citrus, pepper & liquorice notes with a herbaceous and slightly sweet aftertaste.

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